Capital Petanque

Canberra's petanque club

The CPC committee has developed a framework of hygiene and physical distancing measures for members to follow to ensure that our club meets the current ACT Government COVID-safe requirements.

We are Capital Petanque - Canberra's petanque club. 700 gram solid steel balls clash on the gravel in our game! Our club offers a good mix of social, fun and competitive play.

Petanque (pronounced pe-tonk) is a French game similar to bowls. However the steel balls - or "boules" as they are known in French - are not rolled but are thrown through the air towards a jack.

Petanque is a social game that is both exciting and relaxing, both tactical and a little chancy. Petanque can be played by anybody, both male and female, young and old and you do not have to be athletic to play this game well.

The aim of the game is to get your boules closest to the jack - or "cochonnet" - and in so doing score points. It's as simple as that. Equipment costs are minimal. All you need is three boules and you're ready to play. We have spare boules for you to come along and try petanque with us.

Places and Times of Play - Regular Sessions

We play regularly at the following locations:

Boulodrome, Weston Park, Yarralumla Google MapsOpenStreetMap
John Knight Memorial Park, Belconnen Google MapsOpenStreetMap

And at the following times:

Tuesday - 3pm start - Weston Park - Casual play
Wednesday - 9:30am to 12:30pm - Weston Park - Women's casual play
Thursday - 3pm start - Weston Park - Casual play
Friday - 9:30am to 12:30pm - Weston Park - Casual play
Saturday - 10am to 12:00pm - John Knight Memorial Park - Casual play
Sunday (March to November) - 2pm to 5pm - Weston Park - Competition or casual play
Sunday (December to February) - 5pm to 8pm - Weston Park - Competition or casual play

There are set game start times on Sundays and for special events. On other days play times can be variable. On Sundays games start on the hour and you can play 1, 2 or 3 games. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your name in the game draw.

RIP Heike

Our long term club member and friend Heike died peacefully in Clare Holland House on July 6th. She will be greatly missed.

2021 Capital Cup

This mixed doubles competition will now be run on Saturday 6th November. Preliminary details have been posted on the Mypetanque website ( and it is expected that entries will open on 1st August on the Mypetanque website.

July FSM Competition

There was a turnout of 17 on a very cold day for our July FSM. For the ladies Vilma took out first place from Adele with Annette in third place. For the blokes Ahmed led the way with 3 wins from 3 games and finished in first place. Rick was second with Smitty coming in third. Adele is at the top of the the ladies leader-board with Vilma in second place, and Kerry in third place. For the men Ahmed moves into the top spot with Rick in second place, and Richard holds onto third place. Many thanks to Smitty and Seb for being the umpires. The next round of the FSM competition will be held on August 1st.

Winter Solstice Singles Competition

This was held on 20th June which was a particularly cold and windy day in Canberra, but it was cheered up greatly by this superbly run and contested club event. The final was a nail biter, with Rob F (last years winner) and Ahmed contesting the final, which was won by Ahmed. The consolante was won by Bazza. The standard of play was so good that despite the weather, most people stayed until the end. A big thanks to the Smith family who host and run this event every year - well done Adele, Smitty, Rhys and Callum.