Capital Petanque

Canberra's petanque club

Changes to the ACT Covid 19 measures will allow our club to return to regular Sunday games at Weston Park from Sunday 17 October at 2.00 pm. Please read our COVID safe guidelines for club members.

For further details on the current restrictions on recreational activity in the ACT please check: ACT Government Covid 19 website

We are Capital Petanque - Canberra's petanque club. 700 gram solid steel balls clash on the gravel in our game! Our club offers a good mix of social, fun and competitive play.

Petanque (pronounced pe-tonk) is a French game similar to bowls. However the steel balls - or "boules" as they are known in French - are not rolled but are thrown through the air towards a jack.

Petanque is a social game that is both exciting and relaxing, both tactical and a little chancy. Petanque can be played by anybody, both male and female, young and old and you do not have to be athletic to play this game well.

The aim of the game is to get your boules closest to the jack - or "cochonnet" - and in so doing score points. It's as simple as that. Equipment costs are minimal. All you need is three boules and you're ready to play. We have spare boules for you to come along and try petanque with us.

Places and Times of Play - Regular Sessions

We play regularly at the following locations:

Boulodrome, Weston Park, Yarralumla Google MapsOpenStreetMap
John Knight Memorial Park, Belconnen Google MapsOpenStreetMap

And at the following times:

Tuesday - 3pm start - Weston Park - Casual play
Wednesday - 9:30am to 12:30pm - Weston Park - Women's casual play
Thursday - 3pm start - Weston Park - Casual play
Friday - 9:30am to 12:30pm - Weston Park - Casual play
Saturday - 10am to 12:00pm - John Knight Memorial Park - Casual play
Sunday (March to November) - 2pm to 5pm - Weston Park - Competition or casual play
Sunday (December to February) - 5pm to 8pm - Weston Park - Competition or casual play

There are set game start times on Sundays and for special events. On other days play times can be variable. On Sundays games start on the hour and you can play 1, 2 or 3 games. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your name in the game draw.

All the latest news

The latest and all recent issues of the Boulesheet can be seen by clicking on the Boulesheet link above. Thanks Kerry.

January FSM Competition

CPC’s first FSM competition for 2022 was held on January 2nd. It was also the start of our clubs one-month trial of starting Sunday games at 9am to avoid the worst of the summer hot weather. We had 20 members turn up to play. On the day the winner for the women was Catherine (who only played 2 games because she was the umpire for one), with Wendy in second spot, and Susan in third place. For the blokes Bob took the top spot, with Mark C in second place and Rick in third spot. Bob was the only player to win all three games. The leader-board after two months of competition has Catherine at the top for the ladies with Robyn in second spot, and Vittorio in top spot for the men with Bob in second spot. Jim and Catherine were the umpires. The next round of the FSM competition will be held on February 6th.

CPC Club Person of the Year

Congratulations to Gary who is our 2021 CPOTY. Gary has done many things for our club this year. He has successfully taken our sport into schools, targeting ones with French speaking programs. He has created a platform for a junior playing squad for CPC, and established a good rapport with a French Teachers group in Canberra. He has volunteered for most club working bees and rosters. He has played in many social, club and national competitions. Gary is a most deserving recipient of our 2021 CPOTY.

Trial of Early Sunday Starting Time during January

Following a survey of members, the club committee has agreed that a trial of an earlier starting time on Sundays will take place during January. From Sunday 2 January 2022, play will commence at 9.00 am to make the most of the cooler temperatures, with play finishing before lunch time. At the end of the month the committee will review the outcomes of the trial.

Canberra Petanque Masters Triples - Finals

The final day of games were played on the 19th and saw torrential rain, a power line down next to the piste and some very soggy players. With more thunderstorms forecast the organisers cancelled the final game so each team played nine games rather than ten. The overall winners were Team Cameron. Congratulations to Gary, Margaret and Rick. Click on the Competitions tab above for the full results.

Results of 2020/21 FSM Competition

For the ladies Adele was the winner with Vilma in second place. Keeping it in the family, the men's competition was won by Smitty with Ahmed in second place. The 2021/22 FSM competition commenced in December.