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Weston Park's kangaroos crossing the piste. Image credit: David Coombe.

We are Canberra's petanque club. With around 50 members our focus is on the social aspect of petanque, while also providing opportunity for competition.

Our "home ground" is our wonderful compacted gravel terrain - or "boulodrome" - in Weston Park, Yarralumla. The location is a beautiful one, with heritage landscaping and the ever popular Weston Park kangaroos sometimes taking their right of way. The 54 metre by 18 metre terrain can easily accomodate 13 playing pistes. Our club received a generous ACT Government Sport and Recreation grant to build the boulodrome which was opened in November 2015.

Our club is part of both the broader ACT and the Yarralumla communities. We receive generous support from Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club and often repair to the club after Sunday play.

Weston Park's kangaroos crossing the piste. Image credit: David Coombe.

In the News

2015-11-13 - PFA Grand Opening Canberra Boulodrome.
On Sunday 8 November 2015 Shane Rattenbury, ACT Minister for Territory Municipal Services Sport and Recreation, opened the new public boulodrome at Canberra’s Weston Park...

2015-11-08 - Canberra Times Yarralumla's Weston Park upgrades finished
The upgrades at one of Canberra's most popular parks have been finished and will be seen by more than 1 million people next year. Yarralumla's Weston Park now has a new multi-purpose gravel platform, public "boulodrome", picnic shelter with barbecues, picnic settings and a water refill station...

2015-11-08 - ACT Government Weston Park upgrades and new boulodrome works complete.
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services and Sport and Recreation, Shane Rattenbury, today announced the completion of upgrade works at Weston Park in Yarralumla and the new multi-purpose gravel platform and public boulodrome...

2015-10-09 - Masters Games From Provence to Canberra to Adelaide: the game down under brings in gold, silver and bronze
Pétanque participant Jean Lambert from Weston, ACT wants her passion for the game to catch on in Australia...

2014-11-11 - Canberra Times Old Parliament House petanque hopes dashed by National Capital Authority
A small Canberra club playing a game with a history thousands of years old will soon be homeless, but meanwhile disused heritage areas near Old Parliament House remain vacant. The Capital Petanque Club has been searching for a permanent venue and has had its latest hopes dashed...

A Brief History of Capital Petanque

The first committee meeting took place on the 20th May 2009 where it was decided to form a club with the name, the 'Capital Petanque Club'. This club was registered in the ACT, and soon after became affiliated with the Petanque Federation of Australia (PFA), the governing body of the sport. Membership was about 10 or so people at that time, and our first President was Tony Wynd. The new group started playing on a gravel basketball court at the Primary School in Yarralumla. Prior to this people were playing Petanque locally with the 'Bouledogs' which was the first club in the ACT.

The new group grew in numbers, and when membership reached about 15 players, a decision was made to run a tournament at the Lerida Winery at Lake George. The need to be affiliated with the PFA to run such an event was the catalyst to form an official petanque club.

The 'Bouledogs' club no longer exists, and our club is the only petanque club in the ACT.