Come and Try Petanque

Extreme petanque fun. Image credit: David Coombe.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 public health emergency we cannot offer "come and try" for now. See our latest COVID-19 update.

Would you like to come and try petanque? Please visit us! We'll show you the basics of the game and you can play with club boules. Just drop in to one of our regular sessions at Weston Park (other than a "competition" day listed in the calendar). Join us for 3 free sessions, and after that we hope you've enjoyed yourself so much you'll be keen to join the club.

Annual Membership and Fees

Adult - $75, Under 18 - $35 (2019-20). (Mid-year joining discounts apply.)

I want to join the club.


After you've played for some weeks you may want to purchase your own boules. Although you can play with inexpensive recreational or leisure boules you'll need "competition boules" to play in a competition. A good set of 3 competition boules costs between $100 and $300. For more information on equipment see The Game.

Extreme petanque fun. Image credit: David Coombe.